The Motivation of Comfort

Getting out of bed is tough!

Getting out of bed is hard

The air was crisp and the faucet was dripping. Temperatures outside were in the teens and this southern boy was in the midst of a battle. The bed is never as comfortable as it is in the early morning. Especially when the early morning promises nothing but insanely cold weather. I live in the south where the 30’s are cold, but the temperature was 16 degrees, which is insanely cold. Therefore the battle to get out of bed was strong. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get out of bed when the room is cold and the sheets are warm? My battle didn’t last too long because I had too many things to do.

I’m using this very real struggle as an example of a choice we make in life all the time. We live everyday and struggle with the choice of comfort or purpose. How often are we choosing to live a life of supposed comfort over living a life of purpose? Our daily decisions are too often driven by comfort. Consequently these decisions lead us down a path of purposelessness. Let’s look at comfort and why it is a dangerous motivation for our daily decisions.

The Ease of Comfort

  • When comfort is the daily goal, our overall life purpose is often left behind. Choosing the path of least resistance each day brings about a process of thinking that keeps us from the main purposes of our life. These daily choices can easily spiral toward comfort because we are hiding the guilt we feel over our lack of purpose. Our guilt feeds the desire to feel better so we seek daily comfort and the process solidifies our actions in a negative way
  • Growth is also sacrificed when the ease of comfort is our main focus. Growth takes work and it moves us out of the comfort zone. Growth comes from learning how to do new things and developing new emotional muscles. This is often difficult and forces us to make hard choices. However, if we are focused on comfort, we will tend toward emotional atrophy and close ourselves into a world of self deluded comfort. This is where our desire to grow and change diminishes and we justify our lack of growth through life’s many excuses.


The View of Comfort

  • Focusing on comfort causes us the see everything through the view of “ME.” Advertising and social media feed this view and encourage us to stay wrapped up in our delusion. The phrase, “What about me,” becomes our mantra and our foundational way of thinking. This type of thinking causes us to build a cocoon around ourselves which skews all of our thinking and actions. Our passion for comfort becomes all consuming and we place ourselves in the center of our own universe.
  • There is another term for this, selfishness. Our society is eaten up with selfishness and it creeps into our focus very easily.
    Viewing life with a comfort focus seems like it would make us enjoy life more, however, the reality is very different. Often the people who have the most “comfort” are the most dissatisfied with their lives. Focusing on all the comforts of life and making them a priority, will never bring us true purpose. Our purpose will only be fulfilled when we get outside of ourselves and start focusing on helping others. We won’t always be comfortable doing this, but we will have a sense of purpose.


As we move into the new year, we have to try to be objective about our small daily decisions. Are our decisions driven by purpose, or are they driven by comfort? One leads to life fulfillment, and the other leads nowhere. Take some time to reflect on these questions today.