The Lions and The Scorpions Pt 2

A Christmas Parable

The second part of my Christmas parable gift to you this year.


Kinge, a young female scorpion, walked out of her family’s hole a little early to be greeted by the desert heat.  The sun was going down but there would still be light for a couple of hours.  One of her favorite times of day was when the sun was setting.  She liked to go to the water and look at the jungle.

Watching the jungle was one of her favorite pastimes.  She did not share this with many because they would not understand.  Scorpions are not suppose to like the jungle because it was the home of all their enemies.  She had been taught this since she was a child, however she loved looking at the jungle and would often spend hours just sitting and observing all the activity.   Her family did not realize this because she was one of the water watchers.  Water watchers are a group of scorpions who would stand guard around the water to protect the other scorpions.  If a predator was coming to threaten the other scorpions, the watchers would warn everyone to hide.  Few predators made it to the wasteland, but scorpions are always watchful.  Kinge hurried so she could get her favorite spot.  The highest point overlooking the water.  It was a great spot to look at the water and the best place to see the jungle.  She could see the trees and even the large hill that rose behind them.  Sometimes she thought she could see some of the animals on the hill.
At the water, a large scorpion named Pho walked up to Kinge, “You are early today.”
Kinge looked up to the leader of the water watchers, “The new year is soon upon us and the activity has increased, I wanted to get to a good spot to watch the water.”
Pho’s smile appeared, “The water Kinge?”  “I thought you often watched more than the water,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.
Pho knew of Kinge’s love for the jungle.  He was the overseer of the water and often looked at the jungle himself.  Kinge was one of his favorites because she actually listened to him.  She was a good scout because of her protective nature.  He admired her and wished he had more like her.
Kinge blushed looking away and he continued with a chuckle, “Go and take your spot, I’m sure the water will be filled with activity tonight.”
She smiled broadly and started up toward the spot.
Pho called out as she ran, “Are you going moon watching the night of the first day?”
Kinge turned her head with a large smile, “I’m counting down the days!”

Pho laughed out loud as he turned to go to his other posts.

The day had finally come.  Mai stood at the window gazing into the night sky as the first moon of the new year began to rise.  His gaze remained fixed on the moon as he heard the footsteps behind him.
“Father, it is nearly time.” Mwana said walking up standing solidly beside his Father.
Mai turned to his son with deep care in his eyes, “Are you sure?”
Mwana smiled, “Father, you know I am.”  He turned his gaze to the moon as it rose and continued, “They are part of the jungle family even if they do not know it.  I love them as you do and am willing to sacrifice to reach them.”

Mai smiled at his son as they both turned and headed out of the room.

A thin mist rose was escaping out of the entrance of the cave as the party arrived outside the entrance.
Vif solemnly addressed the group, “The time has come for prince Mwana to enter the cave.  None but the prince may go.”
Mwana stepped boldly to the entrance preparing to walk into the unknown.
Vif addressed him, “Walk to the center of the cave and there you will find a large rock under an opening to the sky.”  He paused and swallowed hard fighting back tears, “Lay on the rock and as the moon rises over you the transformation will begin”
Mwana turned toward the cave and without hesitation, walked in alone.
Mai stood next to Tern and asked, “Has it all been arranged?”
Tern, still focused on the cave entrance, replied, “Yes, Sire, all has been arranged.”
Mai immediately turned and jumped over everyone and took off running to the other side of the jungle.  This shocked most who were there and they wondered why he had done such a thing.
Mwana found his way through the damp cave to the center.  He saw the light beginning to peer in through the hole at the top of the cave.  Looking in the middle, he saw a large smooth rock of black onyx.  It was larger than Tern and flat at the top.  He jumped up on it and laid down to wait.
A figure rarely seen in the jungle appeared suddenly from the darkness and floated down beside Tern.  His name was Ree and his large wings folded onto a body that looked very much like a lion.  He was a gryphon and was a special messenger for the king.  He often moved in secret doing special work for the king.
As he stood beside Tern, he spoke, “Will she be there?”
Tern turned addressing him quietly, “Let us hope so.”

Ree waited a little longer and then lightly lifted up above the crowd and flew toward the top of the cave.  He peered through the hole and saw that it was time.

Kinge sat wide eyed looking at the moon.  On the first day of the year, the moon was larger and brighter than any other time of year.  The area around her was lit up as if the sun was out.  She couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and she just kept staring.  As she was watching, a shadow suddenly flew in front of the moon coming into view.  The shape was too big to be an owl, yet Kinge couldn’t help but to stare as the figure flew.  The body shape was unlike any she had seen.  As she stared at the creature she didn’t notice that it was coming directly toward her.  Before she realized it, the creature was coming down near her.  She startled backing up in fear.
Ree saw her backing away and he spoke softly “Do not be afraid, I mean you no harm.”  He landed softly on three paws clutching something in the other.  Keeping his eyes fixed on her he continued, “You have been chosen to receive a special gift from the King.”  He brought out his paw and opened it toward her.  A small leaf that was wrapped tightly slid to the ground.  Ree backed up to give her room to look.
Kinge, shaking a little from fear, did no know what to do.  Her eyes were glued on this magical creature she had never seen, but her heart was pounding in her chest.  Curiosity won the battle and she slowly approached the leaf.  She reached out with her hand to touch it and when she did it moved.
Jumping back she said, “What is this?”
Ree saw how nervous she was and decided to calm her, “The King has chosen you to receive a special gift.”  His warm face calmed her as he continued, “This gift is for you and your kind.”  Smiling reasurringly, he silently lifted off the ground and flew away.
Still quivering, Kinge moved closer to the leaf and carefully unwrapped it.  There in the bright moon light she looked down into the eyes of a small baby scorpion.  She was startled, but could not take her eyes off of the eyes of the baby.  There was something about them that captivated her.
“A baby?” she said to herself, “Why would I be chosen to be given a baby?”  She stepped back from the leaf for a minute to compose herself.  She could feel her heart being drawn to the infant already, but what would this mean?  How would she explain to everyone that she suddenly had a child?  What would people say?  She closed her eyes and turned her face toward the bright moon to sort through her thoughts.  Slowly she opened her eyes looking directly into the moon.  Suddenly she saw a shadow come in front of the moon.  There was a lone figure in the distance on top of the hill overlooking the jungle.  She recognized the large mane blowing in the night wind.  It was a lion.
“Is that the king?” she wondered to herself out loud as she stared.  Staring at the figure Kinge felt a sense of peace about the whole matter.  As peace settled in her heart, resolution began to rise up within her.
“I may not know what this is all about,” she stated matter of factly, “but it feels very important and I’m willing to see this through.”
Walking briskly over to the baby wrapped in the leaf she scooped him up, held him tight and made her way home.
And so the adventure began…