Goal Baby Steps

How to start accomplishing goals and not just making them.


How are those resolutions working out for you?  The end of January is when the reality of resolutions often hits us.  We start with too many and end up doing none of them.  I prefer a goal to a resolution.  Resolutions are dreams goals focus on reality.

As a middle schooler I wanted to get stronger so I got a weight set.  My excitement was overwhelming and so on the first day, I loaded all the weight on the bar and was going to lift it.  I was home alone, yes you are seeing the end already,  as soon as I lifted the bar off the holders the weight came down on me and I was pinned to the bench and couldn’t move.  Amazingly, I was able to get the weight off me by sliding it onto the floor and I realized I had started off with too much.

Often times the thing that hurts us with our goals is that we start with too many.  If you have a hard time meeting any of your goals, I recommend starting with goal baby steps.  Here are some keys to your goal baby steps.

Too many goals

  • We all want to fix everything at once and we can’t.  We need to realize this and focus on the big things we really want to change.  Momentum builds as we accomplish one goal at a time.
  • Pick four goals that you want to really focus on for 2017 and rate them one through four.  Remember to make the goals challenging but not crazy.  You want to build positive momentum and challenge yourself, but you have to fight the tendency to fix everything at once.
  • If you want some help bring real change, here is an article I wrote about 3 Keys for Real Change.

Start with One

  • Start with goal number one and set a deadline date for three months from now to have either finished the goal or be really far ahead on the goal.  Get really focused on that one goal and write out all the things that would have to happen for you to meet that goal or have really moved ahead on the goal in three months.  Don’t worry about the order, just brain dump all the ways you can meet that goal in the next few months.
  • Now, go through your brain dump and start to put those ideas in order.  See which ones are repetitive and see which ones are really important.  Make a list, in order, of what you need to do and start with the first one.  Try to get it going today!  Then you can work your way through the list.  Remember, the list is fluid and not rigid.  You can add and adjust as you go, but the power comes from making the list and following the list.
  • Look at the list every day to keep the goal on your mind.  Don’t just write it and never look at it again

Prepare to add

  • As you come to the end of the first three months evaluate where you are at with your first goal.  You will either be near the end of the goal or you will have made significant progress on the goal.  Go through your list for the first goal and review it and keep it fresh.
  • Now look at your second goal.  Start the brain dump process with it.  You will want to start really focusing on this goal and finding a way to make it happen.  This will be an easier process because the last three months you have gotten stronger at goals so you will be able to handle another goal.
  • Now your regular review will have your two goals on it.  The habit of goal review should now be established and you will soon be running and not just walking toward accomplishing your goals

I was able to lift all of those weights on my little weight set later as I got stronger.  As you get stronger meeting one goal, you will be able to handle another goal and as the year moves ahead you will find yourself being able to meet all of those goals.  Just remember to start with baby steps.

What are your top four goals for the year?  Which one ranks as number one?  Start there.