Living in the Reflection

Taking Time to Slow Down

How often has this happened to us.  We get done with a great dinner with people we enjoy and once we are home we head to our bathroom look in the mirror and see the largest piece of pepper sitting between our front two teeth!  We are amazed at how it looks and we are amazed that we did not have a friend tell us.  The truly amazing thing is we wouldn’t have seen the pepper if we didn’t have a mirror with a reflection.  Reflections from mirrors can help us only if we look at them.  They do not do any good if we ignore them.  How much is that like our life?  Are we too busy today to even sit and reflect?

Living through Loyalty Testing

Three Ways to Pass The Test

Frustration! Aggravation! Help!  These are the common characteristics of working for a bad leader.  I have done it and have probably been the bad leader at times.  Struggling with these emotions is difficult and often times in the ministry, we justify a bad attitude.  This happens when we are at a church and people come and stroke our ego and talk about how much better we would be as a leader.  How do you handle these situations?  Loyalty is not easy, but it is a test we will all face and must pass to grow.  There are some keys to being loyal to a leader and passing the loyalty test.

Faith vs Feelings

Who do you listen to?

Girl with fingers in ears

The weather is starting to get cool where I live and the struggle is real.  Getting out of bed in cold weather is one of the hardest battles of winter.  Warm beds in a cold room hold onto us like gorilla glue!  Sheet’s and blankets hypnotically hold me and fight to keep me in bed.

Ministry Insecurity

3 Signposts to Watch For

Football was my sport of choice as a kid. I was plenty big to play on the outside, but on the inside I was insecure and it hurt me as a player. I was so focused on pleasing people and doing everything perfect, I did not play very well. My insecurity affected me also as I got older and went into the ministry. As a young adult I turned my life over to God and then later felt a call to ministry.  Ministry was my natural calling, however I still struggled with my insecurities.

The Myth of Falling in Love

Two hearts in the snow

We see the look in their eye, and the smile on their face.  We know what they are going to say before they say it, “I’m falling in love.”  Our inner cynic rises up since this is the fifth time they have announced they are “falling in love” this year!  Sound familiar?  There are many myths out there, but the myth of falling in love is one of the biggest lies we believe today.

Goal Baby Steps

How to start accomplishing goals and not just making them.


How are those resolutions working out for you?  The end of January is when the reality of resolutions often hits us.  We start with too many and end up doing none of them.  I prefer a goal to a resolution.  Resolutions are dreams goals focus on reality.

As a middle schooler I wanted to get stronger so I got a weight set.  My excitement was overwhelming and so on the first day, I loaded all the weight on the bar and was going to lift it.  I was home alone, yes you are seeing the end already,  as soon as I lifted the bar off the holders the weight came down on me and I was pinned to the bench and couldn’t move.  Amazingly, I was able to get the weight off me by sliding it onto the floor and I realized I had started off with too much.

3 Keys for Real Change in your Life

Real Change Sign

Real change is something we all think about in the new year.  Many people set goals and try to make a change in their life.  Losing weight is probably the number one goal for most people at the beginning of the new year.  However,  many of us have many different areas we want to bring change to.

The new year can bring one of two feelings:

The Lions and The Scorpions Pt 2

A Christmas Parable

The second part of my Christmas parable gift to you this year.


Kinge, a young female scorpion, walked out of her family’s hole a little early to be greeted by the desert heat.  The sun was going down but there would still be light for a couple of hours.  One of her favorite times of day was when the sun was setting.  She liked to go to the water and look at the jungle.